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Peer-reviewed Articles

Hong, Z., Slingerland, E., & Henrich, J. Magic and Empiricism in Early Chinese Rainmaking – a Cultural Evolutionary analysis. Current Anthropology, forthcoming.

Hong, Z. & Zinin, S. The Psychology and Social Dynamics of Fetal Sex Prognostication in China: Evidence from Historical Data. American Anthropologist, forthcoming.

Hong, Z. The Value of Sociogenomics in Understanding Genetic Evolution in Contemporary Human Populations. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, forthcoming. (Commentary)

Hong, Z. The Ritual Stance does not Apply to Magic in General. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, forthcoming. (Commentary)

Hong, Z. A Need to Better Understand the Evolutionary Process of Beliefs about Gods’ Concerns. Religion, Brain & Behavior, forthcoming. (Commentary)

Hong, Z. Ghost, Divination, and Magic among the Nuosu: An Ethnographic Examination from Cognitive and Cultural Evolutionary Perspectives. Human Nature, forthcoming.

Hong, Z. Combining Conformist and Payoff Bias in Cultural Evolution: an Integrated Model for Human Decision Making. Human Nature, forthcoming.

Hong, Z. The Cultural Evolution of Medical Technologies: a Model of Sequential Treatments in the Medical Setting. Human Nature, forthcoming.

Hong, Z. (2022). A Cognitive Account of Manipulative Sympathetic Magic. Religion, Brain & Behavior, DOI: 10.1080/2153599X.2021.2006294

Hong, Z. (2022). Dream Interpretation from a Cognitive and Cultural Evolutionary Perspective: The Case of Oneiromancy in Traditional China. Cognitive Science, 46: e13088.

Xiao, E., Jin, J., Hong, Z., & Zhang, J. (2022). The Relationship Between Children and Their Maternal Uncles: A Unique Parenting Mode in Mosuo Culture. Frontiers in Psychology, 13, 873137-873137.

Henrich, J., Blasi, D., Curtin, C., Davis, H., Hong, Z., Kelly, D., & Kroupin, I. (2022). A Cultural Species and its Cognitive Phenotypes. Review of Philosophy and Psychology

Hong, Z. & Henrich, J. (2021). The Cultural Evolution of Epistemic Practices – the Case of Divination. Human Nature 32(3), 2021,

Hong, Z. (2021). The Population Dynamics of the Placebo Effect and Its Role in the Evolution of Medical Technology. Human Ecology, 1-12.

Hong, Z. (2020). Modelling the On-going Natural Selection of Educational Attainment in Contemporary Societies. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 493, 110210.

Submitted manuscripts

Hong, Z. The Evolution of Inclusive Folk Biological Labels and the Cultural Maintenance of Meaning. R&R. Human Nature.

Hong, Z. & Henrich, J. The Cultural Evolution of Payoff Currencies and the Construction of Causal Theories. Under review.

Hong, Z. The Origin and Cultural Evolution of Taboos in Human Societies. R&R. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute.

Hong, Z. Evolutionary Social Science – Past, Present and Future (In Chinese). Under review.

Manuscripts in Preparation

Hong, Z. Folk perception of uncertainty and its effect on the persistence of divination. In preparation.

Hong, Z. The Cultural Evolution of Political Rhetoric and Argumentation in Chinese History. In preparation.

Hong, Z. The Restrictive Nature of Modern Science and the Cognitive Division of Labor in Human Societies. In preparation.

Popular Science Writings

The Biological and Cultural Nature of Homo Sapiens (人类的文化性和生物性) – Book review of The Secret of Our Success by Joseph Henrich (In Chinese)